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If you want to enjoy the best games you've tried on the Playstation, You will depend no longer have the Sony device to play exciting games alone or with friends. Here is a program that you can play your favorite games. A very interesting application that is based on the player's own Playstation games.

You can review your favorite games and sure there will be many more than those from which you can run this program, with which you can play more than 70 different games, of the most famous and known. Get ready to enjoy, because you can play games with it the Battle Arena Toshinden, Street Fighter, Tekken or Soul Blade, among many others. Konami games or have them Taito between the repertoire.

The program is easy to install, and perhaps we find time to run some difficulty because of their complexity, although the same program provides graphical help you solve this without problems.

Download it and start enjoying thousand struggles and battles on your computer.

By Carmen Manzanares

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