Worms Revolution

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Worms Revolution is the latest installment of the classic turn-based strategy game with worms sympathetic protagonists. This new version incorporates new and attractive 3D graphics, without ceasing to retain the 2D gameplay more like their fans.

You can play both solo and multiplayer, either online or local. On the technical side, It is included dynamic and improved physical objects water, in addition to classes for your worms. Now you can choose what kind is more suited to your style of play and personar the worms to your liking; you can choose between the soldier, the Explorer, scientist and expert in heavy weapons. Players can unlock a total of 16 worms, 4 each class, to form their teams. Worms Revolution also includes a brand level editor, with which you can extend your gaming experience even more. Y, as, a variety of weapons to choose, such as pumps or water guns that exploit new dynamic improvements in water.

If all this seems little, with pre-purchase they give the Worms Armageddon. So if you're a fan of this war saga of worms, it is an opportunity you should not miss.

By Rafael Cervera

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