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When you start playing Wizard101 is impossible not to remember the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Even the game has a similarity to the story of Harry Potter.

In Wizard101 we get into the skin of a magic student at the School of Magical Arts Cuervosoto. We arrived at a bad time because the entire faculty this coming together to design a strategy that will serve to combat and defeat the former teacher of the subject of death magic, Malistaire Drake, with his dark powers he has summoned the Crocs and Elefanfiernos spirits who are sowing terror in the worlds of the Spiral.

All teachers who form the cloister school, along with Merlo Ambrosio, they are ready to start the fight but fear they will be defeated if they have the support of students. the time to show that these fact and cooperate in the salvation of Magoburgo has come.

Some features of Wizard101 are:

  • The game is totally free. Just subscription cost the club, but it is not required to play
  • School magical arts of Cuervosoto has seven different factions. You can select which of them belong but do not expect to find any home with a similar name to Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, O Ravenclaw Slytherin
  • Choose from multiple frames to travel at the speed of light to mysterious worlds
  • Adopt a pet that will always be true (This also reminds us Potter)
  • He decides between living in school in a custom room or buy your own residence, etc.

Wizard101 is a light-hearted and fun game of wizards.

By Benjamin Segura

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