Windows 7 Direct Draw Patcher

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If you're a fan of abandonware and some old game ever you have given you problems when used in Windows 7 or Vista, this tool can be of help.

Some older games with graphics 256 DirectDraw based colors can present errors at startup in modern operating systems: colors appear distorted or discolored, whether individual items or entire screen. This compatibility error should be fixed manually every time we wanted to play… but this utility makes the process and “parchea” the game we want. Only once will suffice, just choose the game executable in question and ready. Now you can play classics like Starcraft, Age of Empires, Command & Conquer, Diablo 2… as you remember, unchanged foreign Color. The program makes a log entry that forces the system itself to make these improvements compatibility.

We must acknowledge the work of community and user Mudlord to offer this patch that solves a very annoying problem of compatibility with older games, because it lengthens life.

By Rafael Cervera

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