Webetiser Puzzle: Valentine Day

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Webetiser Puzzle: Valentine Day is an ideal choice for all those people who like to play puzzles and tool, Besides, They love the Valentine. This program will offer us 80 various puzzles, designed with 16 different images so we can spend a fun time with these special puzzles.

The program offers 5 different levels of difficulty, which they are based on the pieces of each of the puzzles, as can be puzzles 24 pieces, from 54, from 104, from 160 and 216 pieces. further, the difficulty of each level also has to do with the way in which the pieces have been cut, since some are clearer than others.

The program will allow us to play it whatever we want without any limits. It is ideal to have on any computer, since it not occupies much space and so always have available to play with him.

A fun game that can train our mind.

By Carmen Manzanares

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