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If you do not want your mobile is the same as that of your friends, if you want to give a personal touch and if you like to customize mobile apps with the best and most original and funny photos, Wallpapers is an app you should consider.

In Wallpapers, users we will find a lot of well taken photos and high quality with which we will be able to customize many aspects of our mobile. We can use them as images for each of the contacts we have, while the funds can be used as screensavers and mobile.

Choose the photos that we like is very simple, as Wallpapers It offers the most intuitive system to navigate all the images in this collection. Choose the ones we like is as simple as clicking on them.

Wallpapers It is a simple app to use, affordable for all and with a lot of images in high resolution that we use in all our iOS devices.

By Nuria Capdevila

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