VMware Fusion

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VMware Fusion is the VMware virtual environment with which users can create and install other operating systems on your Mac computers, either Microsoft Windows or Linux distribution. VMware Fusion It is a very fast program and not take long to make all the necessary facilities to enable users to enjoy the operating system they want.

VMware Fusion It is also able to detect and enable all USB devices that we connect to our computers, either the host system or the default.

VMware Fusion will allow us to install as many operating systems as you want and as the capacity of our disk, but in addition also it allows us to restart any virtual machine from its last state, or return to a previous state more stable.

With VMware Fusion , Mac users can also enjoy the Windows games that require DirectX or OpenGL from your Mac, and printer drivers for any device.

VMware Fusion and supports Windows 8, so it will be ideal for all users who want to be trendy.

By Benjamin Segura

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