USB Quick Start

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USB Quick Start It is an excellent tool to create a shortcut menu to all content stored on a USB stick, whether portable applications, videos, music, images, etc…

Features and functions of USB Quick Start

  • The design shown is very similar to the Windows Start menu, allowing to modify the image displayed and the menu color and design icons.
  • You configure portable applications or generate them from any tool you have installed on your PC.
  • With this app you can search on a USB memory much easier way, since all the elements are shown forming a tree-structured scheme.
  • Fixed several errors as occurred when added more than 9 tools.

If you want to get an application for your USB storage memory that allows you to generate a contextual menu where you can directly access to multimedia content and portable applications stored there, no need to look any more, USB Quick Start download now.

By Francisco Braña

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