TrackID™ – recogn. m MUSIC

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If you're a fan of music, I like to recognize all the songs and know everything about your favorite singers or groups, TrackID™ – recogn. m MUSIC is an app that will interest you really.

What gives you TrackID™ – recogn. m MUSIC?

TrackID™ – recogn. m MUSIC will allow you to identify all the songs that sound wherever you are you. It is very simple to use, since you just have to press the button on the app for this “I heard” the song is playing near you and give you all the data from them. But this is not just what you'll get with this app.

With TrackID™ – recogn. m MUSIC, you can also keep up to date and have all the information you seek your favorite singers and groups: his biography, the work they have done and more is information you will find in this app.

Great design and functionality

Y, in case you have not enough with all that this app offers, we will also tell you that is an app with great design and most simple to use, in which all options are on view so you do not miss any of them.

By Francisco Braña

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