Torch Web Browser

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Tired of the same usual web browsers? If you think there are no alternatives that can offer something new, You do not yet know Torch.

Torch is a specialized browser share and download multimedia content, precisely one of the most common uses that we have on Internet.

The browser is based on Chromium, like Chrome, so you will be familiar both in appearance and speed. With Torch can easily share the websites that we like, torrents, accelerate downloads and capture videos without downloading ons.

Let's see in detail the salient features of Torch:

  • Drag and drop: Si arrastramos y let go, for example, above the marker word translator, We translate that word directly. Or if we do the same with a link above the marker Facebook, we will share at once. There are more possibilities combining different sources and services
  • Torch also notable for having built a strong customer Torrent, so that we can download torrents directly from the browser without installing any software or plugin.
  • Another of the most interesting features of Torch Browser is that we can download most of the multimedia content we find Internet. Torch lets you do it directly without having to find a plugin to do it. This is so Instagram for videos for example.

Torch also comes standard with a download accelerator that can be enabled or disabled from your settings.

By Rafael Cervera

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