Temple Run: Oz temple run oz

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Temple Run: Oz is the official game of the latest revision of the Wizard of Oz story that Disney brings to the big screen. With all the charm of Temple Run 1 Y 2, This version incorporates the universe of the film, its characters and its most recognizable features, such as the famous yellow brick road, where your broker should undertake their infinite career.

As it did with the Disney Pixar film Brave, Temple Run offers the best of the classic platform game spiced with the particularities of the film Oz: A fantasy world. A) Yes, You have to drive to Oscar Diggs (Oz the powerful) by the scenarios that appear in the film that also may change spontaneously, forcing you to be more aware than ever in the environment.

Get all possible coins for aid and bonuses, but remember that baboons flying, fierce and dangerous, you follow closely. The main novelty, in this game Temple Run you will give a respite to the legs of your broker and enjoy balloon trip, as it happens in the Disney movie. The 3D look of the game is impeccable and undoubtedly contributes to building a sense of depth and accentuated by the continued imbalance metamorphosis of the scenarios. Temple Run: Oz introduces you well in the fantastic film environments, they are not only recreated in a very pleasant way, but they will make you fine-tune your reflexes.

Follow the signs to explore every corner of the magical world of Oz and compete every week in new challenges to beat your friends and prove who is the king of the temple.

By Carlos Cruz

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