Angry Birds Theme

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If you love Angry Birds games and not get tired of them “even in the soup” You want this desktop theme for Windows 7.

And it's no wonder, as the friendly style of comic characters from Angry Birds has earned them not only become a blockbuster series in mobile and browser, but also get the birds and their enemies (los Bad Piggies) They are recognized throughout the world.

You want to know contained in this themepack? More of 20 wallpapers high resolution with all its sympathetic characters, including its special funds for events such as Halloween or Christmas.

But it also contains custom icons the desktop, with your favorite birds. And if you want, You can also have even sounds Windows with the most characteristic effects of gambling.

With Angry Birds Theme, your Windows 7 (Windows also 8 in his classic desktop) They will wear the best game series Rovio. You can fill your team color and give joy to your children… or yourself.

By Rafael Cervera

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