TeamViewer Manager

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TeamViewer Manager It is an excellent tool which allows a Desktop remote control over a given device, in order to share content stored on it with another user, by creating an Internet server.

Features and functions TeamViewer Manager

  • It connects to different devices and manipulate content (by drag and drop system) easy and convenient way.
  • You can save and manage different configuration profiles for each device.
  • Allow to establish a permanent password and certain parameters to add additional security.
  • For connection, thanks to AES encryption 256 bits provided by the server, security management and transfer obtained guarantees, Besides, in terms of image quality, It depends solely on the connection speed between the two teams.

If you want to have a complete tool to set the remote control with another device, can control the activity and foreign content by creating and running a client and a server itself via the Internet, no need to look any more, TeamViewer Manager download now.

By Benjamin Segura

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