Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a professional option to recover Mac files that are lost because a small software failure, rupture disc, or a similar catastrophe. You can use this data recovery tool when you have emptied the trash and last line of defense against data loss need to stop what. The software can save you many hours of work and a lot of stress in an attempt to bring the data back to life. This professional Mac recovery software performs scanning of your storage medium to provide a high degree of reliability in recovering your files.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is the right solution for your needs, The program specializes in the recovery of different file types from a variety of supported media. The software can recover your irreplaceable files, documents, music, videos and photos from hard drives / Mac volumes, optical disks and removable media. One of the highlights of the new version is its ability to carry out recovery from a Boot Camp Windows partition formatted NTFS. The tool also supports flash drives formatted FAT, No NTFS exFAT. further, It gives you the power to fully recover lost or deleted volumes from Mac hard drives.

This tool gives pre-recovery preview file through a function Quick View. With this useful option, You can take a closer look at your files before recovery and determine which are recoverable. The tool has the ability to recover files with original names for all that were deleted recently. Displays all files with their original names in the preview window to make it easier prioritization of data for final recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery offers a range of free additional services (images such as cloning) that differentiates it from other competitive tools. The software is available in two different versions: ‘Demo’ and 'Complete'. The demo version gives you a free practice on experience with the tool, while the full version allows you to perform a successful recovery of lost files.

By Carmen Manzanares

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