Spotter Bike

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More and more people are encouraged to bike out with friends or just to breathe some fresh air and exercise. But nevertheless, we must not forget that there are roads that can be a danger to them, because drivers can not see them. That is why an app like Spotter Bike much will the roads safer for all.

With Spotter Bike, we will have a type of GPS to locate us and which will locate the bikes we have on the road on which we. Bike spotter is installed on both the mobile cyclists and rover drivers of cars and motorcycles and this will warn us whenever it detects a cyclist. In this way, although we are on a road with limited visibility we know that there is this person and you can take safety measures to avoid causing an accident.

Spotter Bike also lets you create groups of friends that go cycling and can share with them all the routes that do.

By Benjamin Segura

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