SOMA video calling and messaging

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SOMA Messenger is a good proposal for you. It offers the possibility to make video calls in groups, max 4 people, with a high level of security, with HD video and totally free. At least it sounds very tentative entry. But look with some characteristics profundad.

Both will be really good

In principle SOMA Messenger cares a lot for your safety. From the second zero communication is encrypted and can not make outside connections that you authorize.

Along with that level of security it incorporates a high level of privacy and makes sure that all messages are deleted after being sent really, SOMA ie Messenger does not store your messages on any server. Similarly if a message fails to be delivered successive attempts will be made for up to 7 days and subsequently eliminated whether it is delivered as if it is not delivered.

Well, this promises. Because the service is also free for life and also never see advertising. Of course these statements by developers are very incriminating. We expect compliance.

As we discussed both video calls and messages can be group and also receive confirmation when the recipient receives the message and when you read. Undoubtedly important information.

And if you do not feel like writing no problem because it has a sufficient number of emoji to define any idea without a single letter. We invite you to try this app and tell us if it really meets all its promises, we're at it.

By Francisco Braña

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