Socrative Student

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Socrative Student It is an app that is designed to continue studies outside the classroom. This is an app that should be both teachers and students and, with her, They will benefit much more time outside the classroom.

In Socrative Student, teachers can put rapid tests students, as well as other types of examinations and extra content that they want these read. In this way, we will not have to spend time to do the actual classes.

Socrative Student displays statistics for each user, so that everyone will know how to go on each of the subjects.

Socrative Student is a well-designed and most intuitive app that everyone will be able to use. Both students and teachers will find countless uses for this app with which to improve the quality of their teaching and expand the curriculum without having to spend hours in this classroom teaching.

If you want an app with which to have more time to teach your students, use Socrative Student is one of the best options you have now.

By Nuria Capdevila

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