Soccer Trainer

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SSoccer Trainer it is a complete theoretical and practical tool for prepare and rehearse ejercicos in technical and tactical soccer teams in all categories.

Soccer Trainer It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Features and functions Soccer Trainer

  • It includes more than 350 different exercises, organized by age ranges and oriented to work each of the fundamental aspects of football (Warm up, physical condition, strategy and tactics, technical concepts, etc…)
  • Customize the training exercises, both the duration thereof as its extension along the season.
  • It includes many exercises defaults from the 7 years to adulthood.
  • License Shareware, so it must license purchase in order to access the preparatory exercises of all ages.
  • fully available in Castilian.

If you are a coach football and want to have an application that will provide plenty of technical and tactical exercises to prepare your players, depending on the category and age to which they belong, not hesitate and Soccer Trainer download now.

By Francisco Braña

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