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Both audio and audiovisual files and that they are correctly reproduced on our computer is best to have a pack of programs that help us visualize or improve the display quality of what we are watching or listening. Video2Down company has made improvements in this field proposing various tools users audiovisual archives management. In a first step we downloaded the files we recorded ourselves or with different devices such as video cameras can be, recorders or cameras just as well as the computer itself. The next step if not necessary to reproduce formats must convert the file into another adapted to our needs. And finally play the file in a complete audiovisual display.

In SMRecorder interface will make available all the functions to record either audio from your videos or even the video itself. Among the options you'll have in the program you will find instructions on how to install it correctly and configure the different devices so you can make available all options recorded file.

By Carmen Manzanares

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