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Romopolis18974.72 is an entertaining game in which your goal is to try to give the greatest possible splendor of the Roman Empire. Become the emperor of ancient empire, in your hands it is to bring happiness to all its inhabitants, build cities, creates infrastructure, increases the provision of services,… you are responsible for the fate of this civilization.

The game follows the path Romopolis18974.72 titles like SimCity, but expanding the framework for action throughout the Roman Empire. An immense empire in which the needs are greatest, so it will not be easy to please everyone. But nevertheless, that's your goal, make the brightest Roman civilization in history, making that not one of its inhabitants may doubt you.

Romopolis18974.72 player has to plan urban development, programming constructs, manage different resources and shape the image of the Roman Empire in the manner it deems appropriate. If you can succeed in your task, wealth awaits you, fame and glory.

By Benjamin Segura

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