Resident Evil Icons Pack

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This is a pack of inconos insipirados in the third installment in the film of the saga of Resident Evil, a saga that has succeeded in its various forms such as video games, comics and movies. Everything that has come out of this story is very good, So that has millions of followers around the world. If you're one of the fans of this saga so famous get down this pack of icons and customize the look of your files and folders with images taken from the film.

Customize your computer with these zombies who want to destroy our world, controlled by people like Umbrella world, a company that humanity had duped for years, dedicava into believing that scientific research.

Umbrella is really to scientifically investigate dedicava, and, but incorrectly. They were who injected the virus and contaminated rats first while experimenting with them and are responsible for that now these bite humans and half of the population is infected.

By Anna Ortiz

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