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RecordPad is a program specifically designed to record all kinds of sound, regardless of the source, so that Mac users may always have all the sound you want engraved on their computers. It is very useful if you want to record, music, talks, etc. further, RecordPad will allow us to send everything we burn by email, left stored on your computer, use it on our radio stations, etc.

RecordPad It has been designed in a simple interface, where we can find the basic functions of a recorder, as they are recorded, play, pause, etc. In this way, It will be one of the most useful programs that we can have and simple to use, allowing us to use it quickly when needed.

RecordPad We also allow you to select the format in which we want our recording. Supports WAV, MP3 y AIFF y, Besides, will make us a complete pages listed and playback recordings we have done, so that we will always be easy to access.

RecordPad also it offers some advanced configuration options for expert users.

By Benjamin Segura

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