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If you're one of the millions of fans of World of Warcraft will encntará have this kind of total armory to equip each character.

Rawr is an application specifically dedicated to it: it comes to optimizing the character we choose, giving objects or talents that best adaten him. In fact, once you load a profile and choose as your profile battle, the application tells you what equipment compatible with it can incorporate. From there, You can test the equipment and check the effect of one of these items before you get to him definitively.

All this will be necessary when you are already an experienced player of World of Warcraft, because in the advanced levels you need those extra equipment to face with enemy forces. In the end, Rawr It is a magnificent profile editor with many talents and bonuses for all characters, especially for magicians, Druids, Paladins and Warlocks. When they are reached advanced levels in World of Warcraft, it is necessary to equip itself properly character.

By Carmen Manzanares

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