Race Room Racing Experience

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RaceRoom Racing Experience es un free racing game, created around a social platform with thousands of players from around the world.

With just register in the game, you can start a successful career as a pilot and improve your marks in the many circuits available. And not only that, because you can also access more cars with finding your playing style. It will be adding new content over time, and the more impatient can find a shop with a wide range of objects for the game, including more vehicles, tracks and modes.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is the new version of the popular free game SimBin, RaceRoom The Game 2.

You will put your ability as a driver in the spectacular races that the new graphics engine render ofrece. sharper images, best effects, a new system of physical… a treat for the eyes, even more so considering that it's free.

The difficulty of the game suits your tastes, and you can choose from a closer way to the simulation and one amateur, for those looking for uncomplicated fun arcade. Sure improvements over time, especially if you use the function for learning you Apex Hunt circuits.

With RaceRoom Racing Experience you will not only have a game free race, if not an entire social platform dedicated to motorsport, both the video game and the real.

By Rafael Cervera

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