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When studying physics to implement all the theories we have to learn in the course, many of them it is necessary to see them in practice in order to understand in a much more visual way. Therefore a virtual laboratory that we can complement the study of physics is necessary and also novel because it does not have to be asking a laboratory or running the risk with some practical. To do this Physion, an elegant program that gives us the possibility to easily practice, clean and of course learning to visualize the theories of course study books.

With Physion have an elegant laboratory where you can have various tools and resources for editing all experiments. In Physion interface you will see how the objects are moving and show you the displacements arising from impacts with the correct measurement. If instead of the tool handle personally you want to see examples posed the program has a large database with practices that are displayed on a supreme quality.

Physion this translated into 6 Languages (including Spanish).

By Francisco Braña

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