Pacman EX

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Like play Pacman? Still you have not tried it but you like simple classic pacman engaging you and offer hours and hours of entertainment and absolute evasion?    Then surely you hooked Pacman EX, a game designed for both beginners and experienced players in games comecocos.

With Pacman EX you can practice with the most popular comecocos the world and spend hours and hours of complete fun. Practice your skills as a player Pacman with this program you will enjoy from day even the first time you face the passages where monigotes chasing you and your only goal is to give them the slip while trying to eat the maximum possible prizes.

You will have a great time without being an expert in video games but with a version of the classic Pac-Man incorporating 3D effects and other innovations that make it all more real and considerably increase the excitement and the feeling that something big is going. Try it and you will not regret.

By Carmen Manzanares

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