OS X El Capitan

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Apple operating systems are among the best when it comes to talking about the designs and features that offer users. But nevertheless, Apple does not stop surprising and offer more and better yields. That is why we will now be able to enjoy OS X El Capitan, a new operating system that will have, soon available for your Mac.

What you'll find on this operating system?

In this new operating system, users will be able to improve, and much, the performance of your computer. Our Mac will be much faster and efficient when opening files, read emails, etc. On the other hand, we must say that this operating system also makes you experience much simpler and pleasant to use with a variety of apps and design the most careful and very intuitive.

OS X El Capitan also it incorporates the split screen two, so that it is much simpler to perform different types of tasks and also allows us to have great control and organization of everything you have stored on your computer.

If you want a more efficient operating system, si9mple to use and improve the performance of your Mac, This is OS X El Capitan.

By Nuria Capdevila

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