OCS Inventory NG Cliente

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OCS Inventory NG It is an excellent tool management and network configuration management which it allows for all kinds of information about those devices that are installed on the same network.

Features and functions of OCS Inventory NG

  • It provides information on all components and applications that are installed in different computers on the local network, and also those that they are connected by a web server.
  • Displays the inventory of these items on a web browser, facilitating the inclusion of programs based on the search criteria that have been previously established, as it allows to see that applications are needed in different PCs on the network and which lacks any tool, so we can work with the same applications.
  • It allows to evaluate the capabilities of computers and networks.

If you want information on the different devices installed on the same network, in order to manage them from a single terminal, You do not need to search more, OCS Inventory NG download now.

By Francisco Braña

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