Nextplus: Free call + Text

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If you are one of these people often use much the teéfono and send many messages to your friends, now you have an app with which you'll be able to do everything without paying anything for it. We introduce you: Nextplus: Free call + Text.

in Nextplus: Free call + Text, users will find us with a fairly simple and very intuitive to use app with which can make all the calls you want and send SMS all we want are having to pay more for it. In this way, we can say that whether you use your cell phone to call for 3 hours if you use it to send hundreds of messages to all your friends, with Nextplus: Free call + Text you can do the same but without having to pay per call or per SMS you send.

Nextplus: Free call + Text is well designed and is an app that will adapt well to all users, not only time but also pay less when using.

By Francisco Braña

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