Netscape Navigator

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Netscape Navigator It is the new version of the browser, which it is designed to continue offering its users the latest innovations and technologies in the world of the web.

In this new version Netscape Navigator, we can find a dramatic change in the interface of this, more city, better designed and very simple to use even for those who have never used this browser.

further, This new version includes new options similar to those found in other browsers such as Firefox, what browser opens the doors to all users who want more features in their browsers and plugins mode Wares. Netscape Navigator It includes support for tabbed browsing and the option “multibarras”, which will allow us to group all our links by type; all, It designed so that users can navigate and work much faster.

further, Netscape Navigator AOL Instant Messenger also incorporates the same interface, so it will be much easier to access all features of this instant messaging client.

By Benjamin Segura

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