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Modbus It is an application that is designed specifically for testing, training or learning RTU protocols and TCP / IP. It also includes a DF1 master and slave mode AllenBradley (slave).

Relatively recently, the developers of this program included in their reviews an increasingly intuitive and friendly user interface. further, It is not a difficult simulator using, for those who have made a similar task, reesultará will cinch, and to be your first time, only you need to investigate a little to get the most out.

The main uses are verifying a configración Modbus SCADA / HMI, develop modbus masters and slave disks for embedded devices and desktop platforms and, in another sense, research and learn about protocols Modbus.

further, the program allows several settings to accommodate your preferences. Modbus is, On one side, an admittedly complete and useful tool for the job is entrusted, and other, a light and simple software, easy to use for everyone who needs it.

By Carlos Cruz

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