My sales

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If you want a sales manager with which you can manage your business without having to have a complex app to use and occupy much space on your mobile, ara have available My sales for download from Android.

If there is anything we liked My sales is directly to the point. No extra options that can make you lose, but has the necessary options and nothing more. further, is an app that You can customize, It is making sure it will suit the needs of every user.

My sales have good design and it is the most intuitive, so it is easy to use by all users, regardless of age or experience they have in handling these apps.

All information is presented in a polished graphics and design of the app it is excellent to be as easy as we enter all the data we want it.

With everything, My sales is an app that we recommend if you want a comprehensive and complete control over your business sales, invoices, your customers and suppliers.

By Nuria Capdevila

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