My Professional Recipe

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My Cookbook Professional is a software application that one can be properly stored and managed their recipes. It supports unify both those we usually go loose paper and books or in some corner of the kitchen as those downloaded Internet. It is a tool which has room for all of them in an orderly manner.

My Cookbook Professional allows you to save recipes but also consult in a quick way. The way to store them is through index cards on which various information is included on the plate in question. This is the case of its name, preparation time, ingredients to use, performance portionwise, preparation, country of origin, cost, Additional notes and you can even add a photograph and the date the prescription was introduced. They are introduced into categories that the user can create and modify to your liking.

In case you want to find a recipe on the web you can simply go to the web browser recipes, which is integrated into the program itself. Complementing my professional Cookbook includes a dictionary of terms curinarios.

By Carmen Manzanares

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