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To watch YouTube videos no longer have to connect to the page or depend, Thus, of internet access. Just by visiting the YouTube page, locate the video of our interest, and request in one click download all the work we have done.

Matias30302000 It offers you the way to do it. The file download will instantly and saved in FLV format. The program includes a player to view these files.

But if you prefer it to another format with which you feel most comfortable or, simply, it is compatible with your computer, your mobile device or your DVD player, You can use the file conversion audio and video included in the program and save them in the format you want.

The application will greatly facilitates all the work, as well as it includes a link to YouTube so you enter this web without having to open it in another window. And not just YouTube, as it has direct links to other websites such as,, among other.

The interface that request download the files is as simple as inserting URL and give the button to download video.

By Carmen Manzanares

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