MAGIX Music Maker

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MAGIX Music Maker MX is a program for compose songs from mixtures. The program offers you more of 1500 sounds and loops, you can expand up 2000 Extra sounds available for download in the online archive. The authors say that these sounds are high quality and they have been produced and mixed by industry professionals. further, you can add more instruments and additional effects due to its VST support.

The program is designed, probably, for users who are being introduced to the composition by mixing, although it should be a little more intuitive; but is not a professional dj, but rather a way of introduction, like a game of making songs.

This does not mean that the program offers little chance. The main features of MAGIX Music Maker MX are:

  • 64 tracks audio, MIDI and video
  • Lead Synth, analog synthesizer emulator
  • Drum Engine, to add percussion to your projects
  • Loop Designer, a tool that remixing loops intuitively
  • Vita Sample Player
  • BeatBox 2, a synthesizer “groove” to add beats
  • Vandal SE guitar amplifier
  • Editor MIDI
  • Export and publication as MP3, WAV, CD or directly to the web portals YouTube, Facebook O Twitter

On the whole, MAGIX Music Maker is a very interesting program to investigate the composition by mixing, providing virtually unlimited possibilities to unleash your creativity in various musical genres.

As a final note, recommend that attention be given during installation as it offers change the default homepage of your browser as well as your search engine, and download or install components that are not necessary for the operation of MAGIX Music Maker.

By Carlos Cruz

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