Mac Screen Recorder Studio

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Mac Screen Recorder Studio es un software de screencasting para Mac que te permite crear, edit and produce stunning videos.

The program combines excellent video recording software and advanced video editor to provide complete production experience screencast. This is an economical way to produce sophisticated screencasts, from recording screen video editing.

You can easily record the action on the screen along with the audio, You can also record the iSight camera or webcam.

The video editing tools include some features professional level, such as unlimited layers (supports to add several video clips, background music and editing images), text and graphics, picture-in-picture, special effects, filters, transitions and so on . If you are familiar with software like iMovie editing as editing will be very simple.

Once you've completed a project, you can share your screencast importing them to the most common formats such as QuickTime, AVI or MP4. You can also export directly to YouTube setout.

Mac Screen Recorder Studio is ideal for demonstrating professional-looking video.

By Francisco Braña

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