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KraMixer is a music mixer designed by a DJ using the latest technology. It has a fantastic library, FMOD, that lets you play different music formats on many platforms. It is one of the fastest sound engines market; also used by Playstation 2 and Xbox.

The program has two channels and various mixing techniques. It allows you to add specific effects, changes of rhythm or stops, sync songs and add all kinds of sound filters such as surface noise or echo. As for the supported formats, KraMixer can work on MP3, WAV y OGG.

KraMixer intended to simulate a mixer and includes basic functions so its use is not very complex and its interface is simple. Some other features are: the ability to record MP3 in real time and save mixes on the hard disk; variable frequency range, since +/-1% until +/-49%; BPM has automatic and manual counters; It is compatible with ID3-V1 tags and includes 8 sound effects.

By Alba Muñoz

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