Kardex Tauro

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To take proper administration of the stock of products your company is necessary to have software programs that are able to accommodate a large database, have the information available at any time and provide all management capabilities to manage that interface which move with agility in daily work. To perform this type of detailed and accurate management can have a specialized software for this function. Within this program entrepreneurs can appreciate the value of its functionality and how the information is structured so that this well organized.

With Software Inventory Kardex Taurus the user who used it daily for work find that reports of stock to be entering data through either the dates of entry or exit of goods, the clients, providers, the requests, etc.

He Software Inventory Kardex Taurus is an application designed to be a effective warehouse management assistant or warehouses. The program, besides efficient, is very simple and intuitive, with what is quickly learns to handle it without problems.

Software Inventory Kardex Taurus, which can be adapted to any currency in progress, gathers essential tools to have a effective inventory control your store or warehouse and manage your business and avoiding problems arising from a little exhaustive organization.

With this application you can print barcodes thanks to a simple code editor, print invoices directly to your printer, integrate a cash register (the program is compatible with all brands of boxes), create Back up your data and perform automatic maintenance with a single click. If your company produces from raw materials, Taurus Kardex program will help you organize in your module manufacture products. You can also keep an loan tracking and slogans if required by your company.

Inventory software allows you Kardex Taurus create different cost centers special for each branch, for the winery or central warehouse, the maintenance shop, factory, etc. whatever your circumstances may be administered with an independent cost. All program modules act in an interrelated, that is to say, when, for example you enter purchase data, automatically reflected in accounts payable.

In summary, an effective solution for organizing warehouses and warehouses, which it includes the modules necessary to take effective inventory tracking your business. Download Software Inventory Kardex Taurus and do not let the administration of your company to chance.

By Carlos Cruz

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