Janes Hotel Mania

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Janes Hotel is a fun game where you have to manage a hotel in all respects. This game will give us fun, but also it helps us to see how we would do it in front of a hotel, if we were the directors. In this case, we charge our hotel management, with all the efforts that this entails and workers, to which we must know how to lead effectively so that they do everything they are asked.

The aim of this game is to get more stars we can better. We start the game with two stars and, from this point, we have to make the hotel grow and earn stars, so that more and more customers have.

To get total five stars that can get in the game, we will have to successfully pass the forty levels consisting game, in which we take care full details, from the smallest to the most obvious, such as room service and personal attention we offer to each of our clients.

By Francisco Braña

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