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A classroom with computers for teaching can be a nightmare if we do not control what students can do with each team and do not control their activity.

For this there are programs like this, ITALC (Intelligent Teaching And Learning with Computers), they are authentic controllers of activity of the entire network of computers that have in the classroom.

With this program you can monitor easily and quickly what each student is doing on each computer, thus avoiding distractions and can block the equipment at the time we want. Likewise, we have the possibility, very practical, you can send messages to a specific computer in order to communicate with the student.

We can have an overview of all equipment and even take snapshots of a given time. We can also shut down a computer from our, or execute any command, and we access all functions of the computer remotely.

But applications are not limited to the classroom, because we can interact with the computer of a student, for any reason, It is to be connected from home.

By Benjamin Segura

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