Google Earth

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Google Earth It offers all the world's geographic information through maps and interactive 3D atlas. You can also observe the universe and distant galaxies des of your computer screen.

This powerful tool makes sure that the maps are always updated and high quality. further, You can explore the Milky Way des Earth, heaven, Mars or the Moon. You can also choose which layers to display and which not, can choose to display information such as, for example, road networks, traffic data and weather, etc.

Google Earth It allows you to walk around any city using the Street View option, to travel to the most amazing places in a realistic way. This program can save images and markers on the network, In addition to printing images that you like. Besides being a good choice of leisure, It is also a very useful tool to work, measure distances or areas, etc.

With Google Earth you can travel and always know your location, could change the zoom methods as appropriate. It supports various GPS formats, You can create routes and find any establishment, restaurant, hotel, etc.

The use of Google Earth It is very simple and has a very intuitive interface, like almost all Google products. further, spends few resources but need a fast connection. Discharge Google Earth on your computer and you can enjoy this interactive atlas and realistic.

The download includes Google Chrome and set it as your default browser.

By Francisco Braña

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