Until Root

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Framaroot is a utility that, with some luck, you will solve one of the most common problems among users of Android restless: How do I rooteo my mobile?

with Framaroot you just need a button: pulse “Superuser” and the application will perform the processes for root your device. It is best to remove the root is just as easy, just press “unroot”.

The only thing you have to worry about is whether your phone or tablet supports Framaroot. For this you must go to the author's website and look out if your phone model or processor is in the list of compatible. If not, surely not work so you'd better look for alternative methods. But if you're lucky and your device is listed, you can look out on the exploits used to it. These are named after characters from The Lord of the Rings.

These exploits are security gaps or vulnerabilities where the program can exceed safety to give Android superuser. Note however that some exploits successive updates may no longer be useful, so try to keep Framaroot updated before each use.

Thanks to Framaroot, They ran the days of manually rootear, with the risk and the difficulty that this entails.

By Rafael Cervera

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