Flash Tool for Xperia

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Although Android is in theory free software, the reality is that users have many obstacles when winning the coveted access “Super user” our mobile. That is to say, to uninstall programs you want (even we put the operators) and change our version of Android on the other, whether official or “cooked”.

In this regard Sony has listened to its users and offered for free an application that greatly facilitates “flasheo” memory of our smartphone. This is very useful for, and, for example, we want to return from a ROM we have on our mobile software standard Sony.

Flash Tool to work, our mobile must have unlocked “boot loader”.

And, absolute control of our terminals is still not as simple as we would like, and it is full of complicated processes and even dangerous… but at least Sony Flash Tool provides us confidence an official tool.

To know in detail how to install this tool and steps to be followed to use, please consult the information provided in the author's website.

By Rafael Cervera

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