Finding Teddy II

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Finding Teddy II It is the second installment of this game that captivate us from the first moment.

The argumeno of Finding Teddy II It is quite similar to the story of Alice in Wonderland, but in this case it is a girl who wakes up in the middle of the night because a monster has stolen her teddy bear. She, that you want to recover all costs, follows the monster appears in a magical country where begins his adventures.

Finding Teddy II It is a fun game, with a lot of different scenarios in which we have to collect all necessary clues in order to reach our teddy, rescue and return to the real world.

Finding Teddy II It is a very well designed game, with a variety of scenarios, elements and different colors that provide a good gaming experience to all players.

If you like adventure games, full color, magical and distant countries and full of surprises,Finding Teddy II It is one that you should try.

By Nuria Capdevila

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