Fancy Brick Breaker

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If you knew the first computer games, back in the 80, sure you tried more than once one of the first versions of this game.

Fancy Brick Breaker It is an updated and much improved version in their look. Although the operation is the same -saving some small novelty- This game is the new version of that, the famous Arkanoid.

Your current version, it is Fancy Brick Breaker It brings many improvements in graphics and design.

But the game, per se, It is exactly the same: with a small bar at the bottom of the screen, we bounce the ball and with that rebound throw into the brick wall we have at the top. A wall that we must tear down completely taking advantage rebounds against the walls.

We have a goal, beaten, our bar will lengthen, thus having greater security for “collect” the ball and let it bounce.

The game will also be very familiar because the software is included in some model Smartphone.

Download it and start enjoying this challenge your reflexes.

By Francisco Braña

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