Close Little

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If you are a fan of Facebook and do not like to lose everything to make your contacts but you have slow connections and the app will not work well, Close Little It is the new Facebook app you should try.

With Close Little, you'll have a new app that is designed with a small footprint so you do not take up much space on your mobile. On the other hand, Close Little It is also optimized for better performance in those slow connections, so you'll be able to enjoy more of your sessions in Facebook from mobile.

Close Little It will allow you to do the same as on the Facebook page or with other apps, so there is not much difference in functionality. Will see what your friends, see what they shared, you will receive notices when you have notifications, You can send messages, etc.

Close Little it is a good app for those who want to have well-optimized mobile space and not spend their devices in vain.

By Francisco Braña

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