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The software has seven fables drawn, painted and narrated by students in primary school national public Celso Abbade Mourao.

The software collects fables: “The ant and the Fox”, “The crocodile and Lake”, “Fishermen”, “Women and chickens”, “The Fox and the Grapes”, “The Feast in Heaven” Y “Bee Chocolatier”.

Fabulas Animadas was developed in stages. At each step or phase, the number of students participating has gradually increased from a small group to one with about 40 students. At every step they went was giving improved animations. Initially reduced to a simple movement of a page containing drawings, They interspersed by the voices of students. In the later stages, animation has become more sophisticated, It was possible to observe a movement of several elements within the scene. This animation approached the idea of ​​a cartoon which greatly pleased the students.

These fables were gathered in one free file information about students and teachers, and a system installation and uninstallation.

By Francisco Braña

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