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Evernote It is an ideal place for those Mac users who want to have all the information on their computers completely organized and easy to access tool. makes it possible.Evernote is the tool used by many addicts GTD time management system, with which we can manage our time, save our messages and contacts, make voice annotations to not forget anything, save videos and photos, PDF documents, etc.

Evernote It has been created in a simple interface that will provide us even more the work of managing our time and contacts, as it is very visual and options are immediately, allowing quick in managing all files.

further, Evernote It will allow us to work from any computer or from your iPhone, Blackberry and Android. It includes plugins to import information from your Web browser and mail client and is fully compatible with iSight.

Definitely, Evernote It is the perfect tool to manage all the information we have on our computers without losing anything and in a very agile way.

By Carmen Manzanares

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