Emilia Pinball

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Emilia Pinball is an excellent simulator Pinball further it is including a complete editor boards allowing customize elements of the gaming table.

Features and functions of Emilia Pinball

  • It presents an acceptable graphics engine, allowing you to show some simple graphics but adapted to the requirements of the type of game.
  • It presents a menu of options and settings really simple, which facilitates its implementation and gameplay to all users, even those who have never played this type of game.
  • From the website of the author can download a board editor that lets you customize the board, both its elements and their arrangement, which provides an extra dose of entertainment and dynamism.
  • The simulator does not require previous installation, You should simply decompress the content and run the EXE file, so it consumes few resources.

If you love the game Pinball and also you want to have a simulator that allows you to edit the elements of the game board, no need to look any more, Emilia Pinball download now.

By Carmen Manzanares

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