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EasyWMA It is a perfect tool for those Mac users Quie want ua program that can easily convert all audios. EasyWMA It is a very small audio converter that does not occupy any space or we will consume many resources, but nevertheless, It is one of the fastest we can find.

EasyWMA It is ideal for converting audio formats incompatible with iTunes, as WMA, ASF, FLAC or OGG to be compatible and can be played in the musical manager of Apple without problems. further, EasyWMA also it allows us advanced settings as you can be to choose the output format and bitrate.

EasyWMA also it allows us to work faster than other converters, as it will allow us to do more than one conversion at the same time and we adapt the data labels of the original file to the new format chosen.
EasyWMA It is very complete in terms of formats, as it offers support for formats like ASF, FLV, FLAC, OGG, RM, WAV, WMA, WMV, SHN, AIFF, M4A, MP3 y WAV.

By Benjamin Segura

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